SPECSET was born in Greece in 2017 from an inspiration and a great passion to disrupt the cliches and create a new soul in the eyewear world.

Inspired by the creative energy of a sunset!


SPECSET is a brand offering a wide range of handmade eyewear accessories. Designs unique glasses chains with the highest quality materials and specializes in contemporary lanyards that will keep your eyewear secure.

Brings its sleek design, inspired color palette, and contemporary aesthetic to the world of accessories. It is an exercise in extracting quality goods from quality materials, trying to give a more stylish touch to eyewear jewelry.
Past and present melt together in a tasteful blend of style, research, and design. Inspired by the creative energy of a sunset is about going off the beaten track, as the first one. The perfect blend of Eyewear and Jewelry.
SPECSET is a global fashion at your fingertips.

Glad to introduce you to the TECH COLLECTION - you got it, a chain for your PHONE. When in doubt, wrap it with a chain.

We founded SPECSET first and foremost to be functional. First for eyewear, later for masks, and now for our mobile phones.

Chains for your glasses, masks, AirPods, and cell phones.

Chic, practical, bang up to date! Multi-purpose chains that make a statement.

‣ We believe in style at the right price so have worked with high-quality materials for long last enjoyment and upgraded style.

 The biggest collection of eyewear and phone accessories.

Handmade in Greece

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