Founded in Greece in 2017, from inspiration and a great passion to disrupt the cliches and create a new soul in the eyewear world, SPECSET reimagines the traditional eyewear chain for modern life by offering luxurious, handmade jewelry for your favorite spectacles or sunglasses.

SPECSET brings its sleek design, inspired color palette, and distinct aesthetic to the world of accessories. It is an exercise in producing unique goods, according to the highest quality standards at the best value, trying to give a contemporary touch to eyewear.Past and present melt together in a tasteful blend of style, research, and design.

We founded SPECSET first and foremost to be functional, classy, and bang-up-to-date. You got it, a chain for your mobile phone!

Today, SPECSET's product line has expanded to include a curated assortment of jewelry and accessories crafted for mobile phones. When Specset created the first phone chains, the goal was to integrate finesse, creativity, chicness, and savoir-faire into your everyday items.

Fabulous pieces of jewelry designed for the wrist, neck, or crossbody are handcrafted in Greece according to the highest quality standards and are defined as must-have accessories of the season.

Born on the beaches of Greece, watching the magical colors of the sky and the sea, SPECSET's name was founded from the words spectacle and sunset.
SPECSET is a Greek brand offering luxurious, handmade jewelry for your favorite eyewear, cell phones, and more!

A global fashion at your fingertips!

Inspired by the creative energy of a sunset is about going off the beaten track, as the first one!


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